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Countless people all over the world enjoy the beauty and magic that an oriental rug brings to their home. This centuries-old style of area rug conveys a refined, timeless quality and is usually a one-of-a-kind piece. The perfect solution to adding elegance and grace to any room without overwhelming the space, an oriental rug can be very exotic looking or geometric in design with deep saturated colors and patterns that seem intricate and complex. If you own an oriental rug in South Florida, then you might know how much time, creativity, hard work, and emotion goes into each exceptional piece. Most oriental rugs are created by skilled craftsmen and expert weavers that usually come from Middle Eastern and Asian Countries like Turkey, China, Russia, and India. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about how your oriental rug came to be and what distinguishes one from another, then read on.

What’s your oriental rug style?

1. Rug style and pattern – Oriental rugs are all different; that’s why you know you are spending good money to get a unique piece. Each one is handwoven by the expert craftsman in Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Most oriental rugs are defined by intriguing patterns in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. Although some of these stunning patterns may seem complicated and busy, it is ultimately up to the individual’s taste when making a final selection.

2. Color – Oriental rugs come in a variety of colors. It is probably the easiest way to tell one piece from another. Some patterns may seem similar, but the colors will be different. Oriental rugs come in many deep saturated hues such as brown, red, yellow, ivory, and indigo. Historically, many of these colors held meaning for the craftsmen who weaved them. Red symbolized happiness, and other colors symbolized joy, wealth, honesty, peace, and luck.

3. Shape and size – Oriental rugs in South Florida come in many shapes and sizes. It helps first to measure your room to determine if an oval, round, square, or rectangular-shaped oriental rug will be best for your space. When it comes down to it, the shape of your oriental rug is a personal preference and should be determined by what fits well in the desired room. Most designers agree that if an oriental rug is the focal point of a room, it should not consume the space.


If you are interested in finding the perfect oriental rug in South Florida, but not sure how to go about choosing the right one for you, come see us at Franco Oriental Rugs. We are a family-owned business and have been serving satisfied clients in the Boca Raton area for years. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect oriental rug. And our selection, quality, and variety of rugs are the finest in South Florida. Call us today at (561) 994-7409 for more information, or stop by our shop in Boca Raton. Your satisfaction is always our number one priority! We will be delighted to help you select the oriental rug of your dreams.



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