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Rug Store Boca Raton, FL | Rug Store Near Me | Oriental Rug Store

If you are looking to spice up your home, an oriental-styled rug can do just that. The rugs at Franco Oriental Rugs are unlike many of the rug styles out there and we’re sure to have something for your style and home. 


To get that never-before-seen look in your home, we’re the place to shop. Your local rug store in Boca Raton can offer you some of the most exquisite rugs in Florida. Whatever your home’s aesthetic is, we have carpets that can match the ambiance and bring the room to the next level. 


Sometimes, we need that final touch to put the finish touches on our vision and a new rug can do just that.


However, that’s not all we can help you out with. 


It turns out there are many services Franco Oriental Rugs can help you with. Everything from carpet cleaning to carpet repairs, and minor fixes, we can assist. 


To get a more in-depth idea of our many services and how we can help you, keep reading! 

Rug Cleaning

With rugs being placed in our living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas of the home people that congregate in, it’s no wonder they get dirty. Many people opt to vacuum their rug to clean it. However, that isn’t always enough and it doesn’t always leave your rug 100% clean. 


To get all of the dirt and debris out of your rugs, you should consider a professional rug cleaning service. Here at Franco Oriental Rugs, our team members can deep clean your rugs for you making sure they’re as clean as possible. 


By the time we are done with the process, you can expect spotless carpets that look as good as new. 

Rug Repairs

Believe it or not, rugs do sometimes need repairs. Some people donate or throw out their worn-out carpets; however, they can be restored to their original form with rug repairs. 


If you have felt something is off with your living room or bedroom, it could be that the worn-out rug is throwing everything off. But, you don’t need to replace it to enjoy the ambiance of your room. 


Your local Boca Raton rug shop, Franco Oriental Rugs, can handle repairs of most rugs. It doesn’t matter if the rug came from our shop or not; our team can make it as good as new again. 


Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what part of the carpet needs repairing; our team does it all. Whether the edges got frayed or the color is fading, we can fix it. We can also match the pattern or design on your rug if there are areas that have been severely damaged.

Supply Rug Padding

With how easy it is to see your favorite rug suffer wear and tear, you might wish there were ways to prevent it. The good news is that there are things you can do to keep your rug intact for the long run. 


However, there is no magic method for avoiding all wear and tear, you can invest in rug padding to help them last a little longer.


With our rug padding, you can protect your rug from dirt and general wear and tear caused by people walking on it. All you have to do is let us know how large your carpet is, and we can have padding created specifically for your carpet or rug. As time progresses, you’ll see how something as simple as rug padding keeps your rug in good condition.


Get All Your Rug Services at Franco Oriental Rugs

When most people think of a rug store in Boca Raton, they tend to think of unique rugs they can place in their homes. However, a rug shop can do much more than supply you with a new rug. 


Here at Franco Oriental Rugs, you can shop for your new carpet while getting supplies to protect it. We also offer an array of services that can help you either now or in the future. Despite all we do to keep our rugs in tip-top shape, there comes a time where we all need to get a professional cleaning, and that’s exactly what we can assist with. 


To learn more about the services we offer and how to revive your favorite rugs, call the Franco Oriental Rugs team today at (561) 994-7409.

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