Incorporating Oriental Rugs in Florida into Your Rooms

Area rugs can provide a great foundation for a beautiful and cohesive room design. The size and shape of a rug can affect one’s perception of the size and scale of a room, causing the space to feel vast and open or small and cozy. Neutral rugs with subtle designs may be easier to incorporate in any room. On the other hand, vibrantly colored rugs with bold designs require more thought and planning to match its colors and mirror shapes from its designs throughout the room, without overpowering the room. Here are a few points to consider when styling area rugs from Boca Raton, Florida.


Consider Room Dimensions When Choosing a Rug


To get the desired effects in a room or other space in a home, it’s good to first consider the dimensions of that space. Measure the space from wall to wall. It may help to create a floor plan that shows the placement of furniture and architectural features, so you can better estimate which rectangular rugs in Boca Raton may fit well in your rooms


A good size rug for an average room will leave ten to twenty inches of space between the edge of the rug and the wall all the way around. That should be enough room to anchor all the key pieces of furniture in the room.


For homes with open floor plans consider how many zones are in that space. These rectangular rugs in Boca Raton can help to distinguish the dining area from the living room area as well as any other space. Use coordinated rugs to define the boundaries of each zone.


Tie-in the Colors of the Rug with the Other Colors in the Room


Neutral rugs with subtle designs are a safe bet in most interiors. In a room that is already dominated by bright colors and bold designs, a neutral rug may help to tone down the visual noise but keep it fun and exciting. Alternatively, neutral rugs can add visual interest to neutral rooms by introducing different designs and textures. The luxurious natural fibers used to make finely crafted oriental rugs can be soft and shaggy tight and smooth, matte, or shimmery.


Still, don’t be intimidated by vibrant colors and bold designs. Instead, pair vibrant and bold rugs with plain, neutral wall colors and furniture pieces and selectively match some of the colors in the room to the rug to give the whole room a pleasing balance and sense of cohesiveness. Add decoration like art pieces, textiles, lighting, plants, and books to match or compliment the colors and mimic the motif, or style of the rug.


Think About the Suggested Aesthetic


Oriental rugs often fit well with certain design themes. Tribal rugs sometimes evoke an American southwestern style or a bohemian/eclectic style. There are also classical, modern, tribal, geometric, floral, and plain monochrome rugs. These different rugs can serve to reflect your favorite aesthetics and complement your personal style.


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