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Rugs Near Me in Boca Raton

Whatever the reason behind your potential purchase may be, we are sure you will want to know about the best “rugs for sale near me”, and what better way to do that than to visit Franco Oriental Rugs. After all, we are known for providing durable and beautiful rugs that can work to either transform and give a much-needed boost to your space or enhance the already existence aesthetics of your home or place of business.


Every person is unique in the choices they make for their décor, if there’s one thing that could be said to be true for all of our clients and buyers, in general, is that they want something that won’t only stand the test of time but that will breathe life back into whatever place they decide to use it in. Luckily for you, Franco Oriental Rugs is known for providing just that. Every single rug in our store is made to withstand the test of time, but that should be a given. What truly makes our rugs unique is their diversity and origin. Craftsmen from various parts of the world create these beautiful additions to your home with the best materials, incorporating the richness of their culture in each design.


When you are buying an antique rug, treating it with special amounts of care and attention becomes very important. While the material of the rug is durable, you want the designs and textures to remain in the best possible condition. Franco Oriental Rugs knows this and it is precisely why we have made it more accessible to bring your rug over for in-depth treatment and repair when you need it. So, not only do we offer the best rugs for sale near me, but we pair it with cleaning treatments that bring out the richness and softness of the wool, as well as the comprehensive repair of all kinds of rugs, not discriminating on their shape, size, borders, edge, material or finish.


When looking for delicate and outstanding oriental rugs, you will want to stop by Franco Oriental Rugs. Our hand-crafted rugs come from all over the Middle East and have been designed and brought into existence by incredibly talented craftsmen. Next time you’re in search of the amazing rugs for sale near me, come to Franco Oriental Rugs and come to pick up a rug that you will treasure for life!

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