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Rugs For Sale Near Me Boca Raton

At Franco Oriental Rugs, we know that sometimes the small details make all the difference. A room can go from “okay” to “great” with the help of one new element. Shopping for rugs can be a little stressful, and with so many options how do you choose the right one for your home or office? When looking for a great rug, there are a few questions you should ask to narrow down your options, is the rug of good, quality material, is it easy to clean, are the rugs adaptable to my unique style and taste? And will the price adapt to my budget? These are a lot of questions to get answered but don’t worry our team is here to assist you.


Franco Oriental Rugs is in the business of providing variety. We facilitate all kinds of rugs from contemporary rugs, traditional rugs, natural fiber rugs, antique rugs to custom made rugs from the Middle East. We know that each of our customers will have a different vision for the sort of décor they want for their home, so we want to ensure that whatever design they’re looking for, they will find it in our rug store in Boca Raton.


When it comes to finding the best “rugs for sale near me”, Franco Oriental Rugs provides unparalleled service and options. Our team is dedicated to helping customers acquire the best rugs that will work with the décor of their home, and that will adapt to their budget. Our rugs range from traditional, Mediterranean, contemporary, natural fiber rugs to antique rugs and custom-made rugs from the Middle East. What are you waiting for? Come over to Franco Oriental Rugs and find the rug of your dreams. Welcome the new year in style, today.


Are you ready to find the perfect new rug for your home or office? Then it’s time to call our team or stop in today. We have a variety of amazing rugs and we’re here to help you find exactly what you need. Contact Franco Oriental Rugs at (561) 994-7409 when shopping for “rugs for sale near me”. Our wonderful, professional team will help you find the best choices for your home or office. We provide an incredible feature that allows you to customize your rugs, plus we provide rug cleaning services and padding. Call us today and choose a lovely rug to add to your home’s appeal.

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