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For more than 30 years Franco Rugs has been providing expert rug cleaning services in South Florida and surrounding areas. As providers for the finest quality Oriental rugs, we know what it takes to care of your rug. Each rug is designed and created differently and will require expert knowledge to maintain and care for, because of that, it is best to allow professionals to clean and maintain them. Our skilled rug cleaners and technicians have the expertise it takes to ensure your rug is cared for properly and maintained without being damaged. Not all rugs will require frequent or daily cleaning but it is best to check with an expert to be sure. Depending on the amount of traffic your rug or carpet receives a rug cleaning may be necessary at least once a year for Oriental rugs. A visit to Franco Rugs can help you determine what type of maintenance is required for your rug.  

Our Process

Because we are family-owned and operated, we have been able to maintain the tradition of not only providing quality Oriental rugs but also maintaining the tradition and skill it takes to preserve these rugs.

The traditional rug cleaning process at Franco Rugs includes the following steps:

A thorough inspection to determine the material, origins, and quality of the rug.

Our rug experts will work with your schedule and make sure you feel comfortable and informed along the way.

An automated wash equipped with industry level cleaning mechanisms.

1. Soap is applied to the rug to get out any impurities and unwanted materials. 

2. Rotating brushes scrub the rug to loosen dirt and debris. 

3. A thorough rinse with high powered water systems.  

4. The rug/carpet is then brushed in the original direction using a revolving brush. 

The rug is then brushed in its natural direction.

This is important to keep the softness and overall look of the rug.

The rug is stored away to hang dry in a climate-controlled room.

This atmosphere helps ensure the state of your rug.

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Here at Franco Rugs, we believe in providing quality rug cleaning services that are both effective and affordable. You can trust that our expert rug cleaners will bring out the richness and the detail of your rugs. In addition to quality rug cleaning services, we also provide quality rug repair and renovation services. We specialize in matching rugs of all sizes, shapes, patterns, borders, and edge finishes, including color and material options. With more than 30 years of providing quality Oriental rugs and rug cleaning services, you can rest assured knowing that your rug is getting the care and attention it needs.

Give us a call today at (561) 994-7409 for a quote and to learn more about how we can help you keep your rugs in great shape! Be sure to ask about competitive pricing options!

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