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If you own antique rugs in Boca Raton, you want to care for them the best way you can. Some people may put off cleaning their rugs for fear of damaging it, but we don’t recommend doing that. 

Instead, leave your antique rugs with the professionals to have them properly cleaned. If you have no experience cleaning an antique rug, and you attempt to clean it yourself, you may end up destroying the material. 

Certain materials, like silk, should be handled with expert care. There are other factors to consider before you attempt a DIY cleaning on your antique rug. At Franco Oriental Rugs, we know a few things about caring for rugs, and here, we list our top reasons to have your rug professionally cleaned.

Better Equipment 

It makes sense that you would want your rugs cleaned as they collect tons of dirt and buildup. Depending on where you purchased your antique rugs in Boca Raton, they may have decades of dirt, grime, and debris lingering deep in the fabric. 

Not only does this diminish the beauty and artistic presentation of the rug, but it can also trigger allergies and give the rug a musty smell. As a solution, you may consider purchasing a DIY carpet cleaner for your antique rug. Unfortunately, this method is inefficient if your rug requires a deep clean. DIY cleaning machines have low water pressure and inferior vacuums. This makes it incapable of deep cleaning the fabric of your rug.

The professionals at Franco Oriental Rug have been in this business for 18 years.  We have powerful equipment to thoroughly clean your antique rugs in Boca Raton. We also have a team of professionals who understand the cleaning process, as well as the needs of different materials. There is no question that they will provide a professional clean to your rug.

You May Damage the Rug 

It’s understandable that you would want to save a few dollars and clean it yourself. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may irreparably damage your antique rug. If you rent or purchase a steam cleaner and the vacuum doesn’t absorb the water properly, it can create additional problems: sogginess and an undesirable musty smell. Depending on how soaked the rug is, the moisture can seep through the padding and damage your floorboards. Your rug should only be slightly damp after cleaning it. 

Let’s not forget that certain materials don’t respond well to easy-to-find steam cleaners. For example, if you own a wool rug, the steam and chemicals from the cleaner can break down the wool, ultimately damaging your beautiful antique rug.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s no problem. Leave it to the professionals at Franco Oriental Rug. We will happily provide our antique rug cleaning services and repair any damaged rugs.

DIY Cleaning is a Headache 

Antique rug cleaning is such a particular job, it can easily turn into a headache if you’re doing it for the first time. First, depending on the size of the rug you may have to drag it outside to perform a proper cleaning. If you have never handled a steam cleaner before, you may not understand how to use it right away. The equipment can be difficult to figure out at times. It’s also possible to handle the equipment incorrectly, thus ineffectively cleaning the rug.

Again, if you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s perfectly fine. Just call our team to clean your antique rugs in Boca Raton. With us, you’ll receive:

  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Fringe replacement binding and serging
  • Pre-treatment of all fringes
  • Reweaving on most styles
  • Natural drying process
  • Dust and dirt removal
  • Professional hand washing and rinsing
  • Antique rugs lustered and groomed to perfection

Have Professionals Perform the First Clean

If you want to clean your rug at home to save money, it’s very important to know what material you’re dealing with. For example, some materials should be cleaned by hand. However, we recommend that you hire a professional the first time you clean a rug, as it will require a deep cleaning that’s difficult to achieve at home. If you own a silk rug or a rug that has a delicate material, we highly recommend that you have it cleaned by a professional. To learn more about our rugs in Boca Raton, contact Franco Oriental Rugs or drop by our rug store in Boca Raton, FL.

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