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An Oriental rug is not just an impulse purchase. You will most likely do some research to learn about their history and how they are made. Next, you will spend some time deciding on the patterns, colors, and fabric options best suited to your palate and lifestyle. This is an investment just as much as it is a design element to beautify your home.


The silks and wools used to make Oriental rugs, as well as the dyes in the threads, need special care to ensure they last beyond a lifetime. With proper care, it can be passed down for generations. DIY cleaning of an heirloom and/or investment like this is risky at best. There are way too many chances of you doing more harm than good.


Franco Oriental Rugs offers premier rug cleaning services that are both effective and affordable. You can trust that our expert technicians will bring out the richness and intricate details of your rugs. In addition to quality Oriental rug cleaning, we also provide Boca Raton residents the best repair, restoration, and renovation services.

Stick To The Basics For The Care Of Your Oriental Rug At Home.

Oriental rugs make a great addition to any space, adding warmth and style to any room. You must keep your rug clean and well-maintained to extend its life span. While you should leave a thorough cleaning to an expert, there are some things you can do at home. 


If your rug is located in a common area, then regular foot traffic will do plenty to fill it with dirt and grime. A rug like this should be professionally cleaned once a year. In between cleanings, you can maintain it with simple vacuuming.


Stain removal on an Oriental rug should be done with caution. These rugs are hand-knotted works of art that have been created with the finest materials available. The dyes are natural and can be damaged if the wrong cleaning solution is used to remove a simple stain. 


This is also true for steam cleaning. While perfectly fine for your carpets and area rugs, they can do irreversible harm to an Oriental rug. If you feel your rug needs to be steam cleaned, it is probably time to have it professionally done. Aside from the expense to rent the steam cleaner, the potential for damage can prove to be a costly mistake.

How We Professionally Clean Your Oriental Rug.

Our cleaning methods have been perfected over the 30 years we have been in the business. The steps we take will ensure a thorough cleaning that brings out the richness of color and softness of the wool. Our cleaning procedures will bring your rug back to life like the day you bought it. Depending on the traffic, we recommend an annual deep cleaning to keep your rug in shape.


The fringes on your Oriental rug are a delicate, hand-knotted enhancement. They are an embellishment that adds to the beauty but can be easily damaged. We provide pre-treatment of the fringes. This will make them look new and protect them from harm during the rest of the cleaning process.


Your rug is first inspected to recognize all stains and potential areas that we need to focus on. The cleaning agents we use are selected specifically to assure a deep clean. They are also chosen because they bring the wool back to life while protecting the natural dyes that are used. Hand washing and rinsing are a must to protect the fibers in your rug.


After your rug has been thoroughly cleaned, a natural drying process is used. The use of excessive heat can do real damage to the fibers. The final step is grooming. We will brush and groom your Oriental rug, so the fibers lay naturally. This process will enhance the patterns and make the pile feel deeper and lusher under your feet.


Visit Our Showroom And Talk To Our Experts.

Franco Oriental Rugs is located in Boca Raton, FL. We are a full-service Oriental rug company that takes pride in our selections and commitment to excellence. Our complete services range from sales and service to cleaning, repair, and restoration. We also buy antique rugs if you are looking to sell one in your collection. Click here to contact us or give us a call at (561) 994-7409.

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