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Oriental Rugs, Boca Raton FL | Oriental Rug Near Me | Rug Store

Purchasing an Oriental rug is the perfect way to add beauty and elegance to any room. These hand-made works of art are meant to be heirlooms that will last generations. The choices are endless; color, design, fabric, and size are just the beginning of options available. 


Let us show you some interesting facts you may not know about oriental rugs. We can help take out some of the mystery to help you make the best choice. Franco Oriental Rugs offers beautiful selections from all over the globe. Our Boca Raton location is worth the visit if you are serious about adding an Oriental rug to your home.

What it takes for an Oriental Rug to be considered authentic.

You would think that because of its name, these rugs would be made in Oriental countries. This is not the case; a traditional Oriental rug can come from any of the following:


  • Asia
  • China
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Turkey
  • India
  • Russia
  • Iran


Another requirement is that the rug has to be hand-knotted. The knots made by hand cannot be duplicated by machine and increase their strength, durability, and life. A machine-made rug will not increase in value. 


They must also be woven from natural raw materials to be considered authentic. Traditionally, sheep wool is the material of choice when creating an oriental rug. Silk is another material often used as well as cotton.


An Oriental rug can be an investment.

These rugs are considered to be works of art and like art, they should increase in value over time. Their value of course is dependent on many variables. Size and knot count can make a difference but are not the deciding factors on value.


A weaver can spend years creating just one rug. The intricacy of the design and thread colors required greatly affects the production time. This is also a craft that is slowly becoming less common. It was typical in the past for mothers to pass down these skills to their daughters. However, this tradition is not as common in more recent generations.


Antiquity is another factor in determining the value, however, it takes a long time for its value to increase. If you purchase a new Oriental rug, don’t expect it to increase too much in value in your lifetime.


If you are considering an antique oriental rug, be aware that age doesn’t always mean valuable. Quality, craftsmanship, design, and origin determine their worth before age is considered. Be sure to find a reputable dealer who can assist you in finding the best choice for your price range.

Persian and Oriental rugs are not the same.

For a rug to be called Persian, it has to be made in Iran. There are no exceptions to this rule. So an Oriental rug can be made in Iran or any of the countries listed above but a Persian rug has to be made specifically in Iran. Persian rugs are known for their thick piles and unique designs. Their patterns and colors are determined by the region in which they are made.


Floral motifs with vines and tendrils are a common theme. Modern-day Persian rugs also tend to have a solid color background. Brown, green, blue, and red are the most common colors associated with these rugs.


Oriental rugs are not usually as thick as a Persian rug. They also come in a vast array of designs, patterns, and colors. This is mainly due to the various regions in which they come from.


Our store also offers a wide selection of Persian rugs that are guaranteed to impress even the most discerning eye. These beautiful hand-crafted works of art are a sound investment for any home.

Oriental rugs have a story to tell.

The images and patterns in these beautiful rugs all have meaning. The colors, patterns, images, and weaving technique all depends on the region they came from. They are almost like historical records for the place in which it is made.


Oriental rugs with floral patterns tend to come from urban areas with denser populations. A rug with more geometric patterns and shapes is most often found in tribal settings.


The colors used in oriental rugs have meaning that is meant to reflect the emotions the weaver wants to reveal. Blue is often associated with truth while red is meant to reflect joy and happiness. Brown is used to reflecting fertility while green can represent paradise or something sacred. Each color and design often has a specific purpose so you’ll want to work with someone who can explain the details behind the rug you choose. 


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