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As we celebrate the holiday season, many of us drag out all the trimmings and trappings that go with holiday decor. Buttons and bows, lights, and candles are just a few of the tchotchkes that we place around our house to brighten up each room and bring an element of cheer to all of your holiday activities.

Thought about your flooring?
Tie in your holiday decor with a floor-to-ceiling concept involving the addition of some perfectly appointed oriental rugs. Even in Florida, oriental rugs Boca Raton style can be added to indoor and outdoor living areas to liven up your space. Here are some innovative and wonderful ways to incorporate these beautiful tapestries:

1. Opt for green and red highlights
Red and green are classic holiday colors that have been used for centuries; adding these to colors like white, gold, and navy blue helps to accentuate rich jewel tones and bring a certain elegance to any room in which it is placed.

Choose rugs with colors that compliment your existing decor. The thick, plush nature of these high-quality oriental rugs will add warmth and vibrance to your home.

2. Place trees and other decorations as a centerpiece on your rug
A Christmas tree is a focal piece of many holiday decorating themes. Highlight your tree and all its trimmings with the addition of a square or round oriental rug underneath? Match colors from your tree to elements in your rug, and you have a conversation piece that holiday revelers will be talking about at your next party.

3. Consider adding one to your outdoor or patio space?
Who says that opulence has to be exclusively inside your home? Adding an oriental rug to your outdoor or patio living space will brighten up colors, add an element of richness, and make the whole feel of the space cozy and inviting. Do make sure to keep your rug in an area that is not prone to moisture or precipitation; this may do damage to your rug with prolonged exposure to the elements.

4. Add a hallway runner for a pop of color
Oriental rug runners are a great addition to spruce up an otherwise bland and uninteresting hallway. Place them near the main entrance to your home for a particularly inviting feel, or brighten up the dingy back hallway that doesn’t usually see holiday decorations.

Finding the perfect rug for the holidays
How do you go about finding the perfect rug for your holiday season? Shope oriental rugs for sale Boca Raton and consider these elements when choosing the right rugs for your home:

Design elements
Design considerations such as tribal patterns, center medallions, and all-over patterns should be given some thought with regard to where you might place them. In general, tribal patterns look best in rooms such as dens, offices, and family rooms. A center medallion room is typically selected for formal living rooms and entrances to your home. All-over patterns are best suited for the living and dining areas of your home. Choose the design that feels most inviting to you as you place it in and around your home.

Color elements
You want your beautiful rug to fit well in your home, so attention must be given to the type of decor your currently have and where you wish to place rugs. Choose colors that mesh well and compliment each other, and you’ll bring the look of a room together with a seamless, elegant feel.

Size considerations
Measure rooms and hallways well when considering oriental rug purchase. They can take up your entire space, wall-to-wall, or they can highlight areas of a room to add lush beauty to any corner. Talk to a sales associate about existing measurements in your home and work together to find the right size, color, and style for nearly any room.

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