Rugs for Sale Boca Raton, FL | Area Rugs for Sale Near Me |

Rugs for Sale Boca Raton, FL | Area Rugs for Sale Near Me |

Trying to find an area rug that complements your furnishings is what everyone strives for. There are so many beautiful styles out on the market to choose from today. Perhaps you have a grey leather sectional in your family room, with a few carefully placed occasional tables and scattered pieces of abstract art on the wall. The only thing you’re missing is the perfect area rug to tie all of the details together. An area rug, especially in an interesting geometric pattern or vibrant color, can liven up your space.  When searching the Internet for “rugs for sale near me,” remember the #1 rug store in Boca Raton is a family run business for 18 years. Owner Mr. Franco and his team really care about acquiring quality area rugs for their customers and offer affordable pricing. Franco Oriental Rugs is not just about Oriental Rugs; they offer a wide selection of area rugs and carpets to choose from, including contemporary, traditional, and natural fiber rugs to handmade rugs imported from the Middle East to delicate antique rugs. Their Persian and Oriental rugs are all one-of-a-kind created by the finest craftsman from all over the world. They also have a full-selection of area rugs from other countries, which will spice up any room with its hint of exotic flavor and flair.

Choosing the perfect area rug for your space.

Finding rugs for sale near me in Boca Raton should be a fun experience, and at Franco Oriental Rugs, it definitely is! Their staff makes your shopping experience extremely pleasant, and their helpful staff is always there to offer ideas. Their team suggests that it helps to have a specific style, color, or pattern in mind when shopping for an area rug. That will also help the team at Franco Oriental Rugs weed through the hundreds of rugs they have on display to help you find your perfect rug. Or you might just be browsing for ideas. Area rug shopping can be a little overwhelming, and it’s best to take your time to look around because a great area made from the highest quality materials will last you a lifetime.  Chances are you’re looking for a forever rug, and it takes time to connect to the perfect piece. There are so many colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns to choose from. 

What are some things to consider when deciding on an area rug?

  • Measurement and size – The traditional way to select an area rug is to measure the seating area to determine how large or small you want your rug and how much flooring you want to cover.
  • Shape – Will your rug be square round, rectangular or oval? Most rug experts agree that you should not be afraid to let your rug be the room’s focal point. Don’t be afraid to change up the traditional square or rectangular shape by adding a circular rug in the entry or living room or even an exotic animal hide rug in the bedroom.
  • Pattern – If you have a patterned comforter in your bedroom or geometric-shaped drapes, it might be best to go with a solid rug in a neutral tone. Patterned rugs are very trendy today, especially geometric patterns. But they tend to be bold and stand out in a room. Therefore, you don’t want your drapes or other furnishings to class with it.
  • Color – Is probably the most important thing to make an individual statement. The color of the rug you choose will tie your artwork and furnishings together beautifully. But it might be a good idea to select a color theme that flows throughout the room. If you’re over your monochromatic phase—liven things up with a vibrantly colored area rug. It will definitely add renewed character and energy to your space.
  • Traffic – If you want to keep your area rug in the best shape possible, always be aware of how much foot traffic space the rug will receive. High-pile area rugs are best for bedrooms, and low-pile works best in high-traffic areas like the den or living areas.

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Franco Oriental Rugs has a diverse and large inventory of Oriental, Persian, and contemporary area rugs that are unique and affordable. Finding rugs for sale near me in Boca Raton has never been easier! The experienced and knowledgeable staff, as well as owner Mr. Franco, will be glad to help you select the perfect area rug for your space. Whether your style is rustic, exotic, contemporary, modern, or trendy, Franco Oriental Rugs has the perfect area rug for you. Come on in and visit us at our Boca Raton shop or call (561) 994-7409. Mr. Franco and his team will be happy to answer any questions about their rugs or yours!

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