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Antique Rugs Boca Raton | Antique Rugs for Sale | Antique Rugs Near Me

Are you designing a space in your Boca Raton home and looking for the perfect anchor for it? Do you feel like something is missing from your living room, hallway, or even the dining room? Is your cold tile floor in desperate need of both warmth and brightness?  An antique rug fits the bill for all of the above. And any Boca Raton homeowner should know that the best place to search for antique rugs in town is the Franco Oriental Rug Company. With nearly two decades of experience in the business, we at Franco Oriental Rugs are here to supply you with the highest quality antique rugs available from countries across the globe, like Pakistan, India, China, Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan. 

Between our wide selection of contemporary, traditional, and antique rugs in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, you’re guaranteed to find the area rug of your dreams. Our philosophy is that every rug in and of itself is not only a piece of functional décor but a work of art, and once you see our stock for yourselves, you’re bound to agree. Of course, like any art, there are preferences for old or new. But antique rugs are particularly dazzling in their beauty and may be just what your home needs to complement your furniture in a way that is distinct from newer rugs. 

Still on the fence while deciding between an antique rug or a contemporary one? Here are some ways that antique rugs beat out modern ones:

Antique Rugs Are One-Of-A-Kind

Due to the handmade nature of antique rugs, every rug you’ll find at Franco Oriental Rugs is unique. To create the rugs, weavers used traditional looms to run horizontal rows of material called wefts through vertical strings of cotton, string, or wool, called warps. Through the patterns, colors, materials, and even dimensions used, each rug tells its own story about who produced it and where they came from. It takes several months, or even up to over a year, to weave a rug by hand so the final product is truly a representation of an individual’s craftsmanship.   

Antique Rugs’ Colors Outshine Others

Unlike in the synthetic dyes used in manufactured rugs, the dyes that antique rug weavers made rugs with are sourced directly from nature, like vegetables, insects, and even snails (as in the case of the rare Tyrian purple). The process of weaving using these natural dyes is what causes the unique trait known as abrash within antique rugs. Derived from the Arabic word for “mottled,” abrash refers to the result of subtle variations within the dye or between multiple batches of dye: striations and gradations of shades within a single color. This stunning effect can’t be replicated with chemical dyes. 

Plus, as long as they’re kept out of direct contact with the sun, the vibrancy of antique rugs’ hues will never fade, no matter how old they are. This leads us to another great advantage of welcoming an antique rug into your home…

Antique Rugs Are Long-Lasting

Properly maintained antique rugs could last up to hundreds of years. Investing in an antique rug not only means obtaining a family heirloom to be passed down through the generations but also can provide a nice side benefit of appreciating in value. Minor spots on rugs can be handled with gentle care at home, but most forms of damage should be handled by a professional cleaner. Luckily for you, Franco Oriental Rugs also specializes in cleaning and repair services! We also can outfit your rug with protective padding. With our help, you can keep your rugs looking and feeling fresh and new for lifetimes to come. 

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If you’re itching to get your hands on an antique rug for all the above reasons and more, you’ve come to the right place. You can safely walk into Franco Oriental Rugs of Boca Raton with the confidence that you’ll leave with masterful artwork in hand. Our family-owned business is proud to serve you and offer our expertise on discovering an antique rug that both meets your needs and suits your tastes. You can check out our gallery for examples of what we carry in our showroom here.

Feel free to visit us from Monday through Saturday, or give us a call at (561) 994-7409 for more information.

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