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Cleaning your house, mopping the floor, and scrubbing the walls and windows till they’re sparkling sounds satisfying. But having a dirty and old oriental rug with fading colors and loose threads can wash away your efforts in a blink of an eye.

You can buy a new carpet to replace the old one. But instead of being hasty and throwing away your oriental rug, let’s be strategic. You’d be astounded to know that you can scrub away even the oldest and most stubborn stains from your oriental rug and make it look brand new. Curious to know how? Here’s the hack: go for an oriental rug cleaning!

Read along to discover six tips to revive the vibrant elegance of your oriental rugs and make them iconic statements of your interiors.

Start With the Dirt

Daily dusting isn’t enough to remove the embedded debris and dust in your oriental rugs. Therefore, the first thing to do is vacuum the oriental carpet thoroughly. That sucks away the dirt and removes a significant hurdle when you’re washing the rug.

Test for Color Runs

Before applying any cleaning solution, you must always check for color fades. Imagine the dismay when you wash your vintage oriental rug and see the colors run. Well, there goes your hard work, down the drain- quite literally.

We advise everyone to apply the cleaning formula on the rug’s corner to test for color runs. If the shades don’t run off, you’re good to proceed with the fundamental step: deep cleaning and washing.

Scrub and Wash

You can find several oriental rug cleaning solutions online or in your nearby supermarkets. Whatever formula you buy, you must ensure following the instructions mentioned on the back of the bottle. A pro-tip: Avoid using detergent and hot water mixture because warm water might cause your carpets to shrink, and that’s something you won’t be pleased to see!

After applying the cleaning formula all over your oriental carpet, you must give special attention to stains and spills. Don’t scrub rigorously because that can result in loose threading and damaged material. A sponge or bristle brush is enough to do the trick. Leave the solution on the rug for around 5 to 10 minutes, and then start washing your oriental carpet with clean, room-temperature water.

Rinse and Dry

After seeing the water runoff without suds of lingering formula in the carpet, you can start removing moisture to help the rug dry quickly. This stage requires patience because even if you use ceiling fans and air blowers, it will take around a day or more to dry your oriental rugs completely.

While you can keep your rugs out in the sun to dry in the open air, we suggest avoiding that with oriental rugs. These carpets are more delicate, and sunlight can cause shrinkage and massive color fades.

Vacuum for Pristine Finish

Washing and drying oriental rugs can cause the texture to feel squishy and wrinkly. That’s nothing to worry about, though. Vacuuming the dry carpets and using soft-bristled brushes can detangle and solve the compact stiffness and make the rugs look spectacularly neat and aesthetic.

Get Professional Help

Oriental rugs are some of the most intricate materials with delicate textures. That’s why you must be extremely careful while washing them. Therefore, getting experienced oriental rug cleaning staff is always rewarding.

They offer odor and stain removal and can dry your rugs in temperature-controlled environments. In addition, they use the latest and non-toxic formulas to maintain your oriental carpet’s longevity. So, while routine carpet cleanups are quick DIY projects, you must still schedule a professional cleaning every year or two for restoring the fibers and prolonging the quality of your carpets.

Experts For Oriental Rugs, Boca Raton, Florida, At Your Service!

We are firm believers in keeping it safe than being sorry. And that’s one reason why hiring experts to clean your oriental rugs comes in handy. If you’ve decided to hire professionals for cleaning your oriental rugs, Boca Raton, Florida, offers a quick solution. Franco Oriental Rugs is there to save your day.

We offer extensive industry experience and understand how crucial it is to provide gentle yet thorough care to your rugs. Our experts use the safest and latest equipment and solutions to clean your oriental rugs and bring back their long-lost finesse.

You can click on our website to read more about our service or call (561) 99407409 to schedule your appointment. Feel free to submit your messages through our online contact form, and our representatives will get back to you in the shortest time possible.

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