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What Can a Rug Store in Boca Raton Do For You?

If you are looking to spice up your home, an oriental-styled rug can do just that. The rugs at Franco Oriental Rugs are unlike many of the rug styles out there and we’re sure to have something for your style and home.    To get that never-before-seen look in your home, we’re the place to

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Professional Rug Cleaning vs DIY

If you own antique rugs in Boca Raton, you want to care for them the best way you can. Some people may put off cleaning their rugs for fear of damaging it, but we don’t recommend doing that.  Instead, leave your antique rugs with the professionals to have them properly cleaned. If you have no

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What Distinguishes One Oriental Rug From Another?

Countless people all over the world enjoy the beauty and magic that an oriental rug brings to their home. This centuries-old style of area rug conveys a refined, timeless quality and is usually a one-of-a-kind piece. The perfect solution to adding elegance and grace to any room without overwhelming the space, an oriental rug can

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Here’s How an Area Rug Can Liven Your Room Up

If you’re looking for a way to liven up your living room, then you should consider an area rug! With so many options and colors and patterns, shopping for an area rug in Boca Raton may make your head spin. But with expert assistance from Franco Oriental Rugs, we can find the best area rug

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Benefits of Shopping from an Area Rug Store Near You

Area rugs are beautiful tools for creating a gorgeous home. In fact, they act as an art piece for the very floor you walk on. They’re also used as grounded elements, that help to tie in every other décor item within the room. Imagine that you have a room that is very plain. It doesn’t

Discover High-Quality Rugs for Sale Near You at Franco Oriental Rugs

We all want our homes to be a reflection of ourselves and to dazzle everyone with their immense beauty and warmness. While kitchen remodeling and some changes here and there can certainly help make your home into the wonderful space you’ve always desired, there’s nothing like including new charming elements to increase the appeal of

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Are You Looking for “Rugs For Sale Near Me” in Boca Raton? We Can Help!

At Franco Oriental Rugs, we know that sometimes the small details make all the difference. A room can go from “okay” to “great” with the help of one new element. Shopping for rugs can be a little stressful, and with so many options how do you choose the right one for your home or office?

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An Oriental Rug Adds Elegance, Old-World Charm, and Sophistication to Your Home

When redecorating or buying a new home, the right floor additions can really make your space stand out. Oriental rugs are just one of the ways to make your space unique. There are many Oriental rugs for sale, but choosing the right one takes some time and effort. Each oriental rug is handmade by artisans

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Find The Best Antique Rugs In Boca Raton at Franco Oriental Rugs

Are you designing a space in your Boca Raton home and looking for the perfect anchor for it? Do you feel like something is missing from your living room, hallway, or even the dining room? Is your cold tile floor in desperate need of both warmth and brightness?  An antique rug fits the bill for

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Find Unique and Affordable Rugs for Sale Near Me at the #1 Rug Store in Boca Raton

Trying to find an area rug that complements your furnishings is what everyone strives for. There are so many beautiful styles out on the market to choose from today. Perhaps you have a grey leather sectional in your family room, with a few carefully placed occasional tables and scattered pieces of abstract art on the

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