Area Rug Trends for 2022 - Franco Oriental Rugs

Are you an interior decorator or a homemaker? If not, then don’t worry. You’re not alone, as many people would much rather leave their home’s decor to professionals. Although, even if you do enjoy picking out furniture and decor for your home, Franco Oriental Rugs can still help you! It can be overwhelming to make final decisions regarding your home’s flooring, and we can gladly give you some insight on picking out trending rugs that’ll suit your individual style.

Antique Style With Modern Care

You can’t go wrong with a vintage-designed rug. You can find this style in a machine washable rug so that you can easily care for it. There are also many different vintage designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that you will love. These classic prints can also have a distressed detailed pattern for more of a vintage feel.

Neutral Earthy Tones

Another foolproof design trend is neutral tones. Many people also are interested in going for the natural farmhouse look in their home. Neutral tones are versatile and can add an elegant and timeless touch to a room.

Animal Rugs

You might think that animal hides are only a piece for the rich and powerful, but they’re actually quite popular among the middle class as well. They can give your room that neutral feel you may be looking for and make a statement to your guests. Additionally, you can get the same effect with an animal printed material rug.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Geometric patterns can be beautiful additions as well. Diamond, Herringbone, and other small shapes and patterns are trending, as many people enjoy these looks. You can find these types of rugs in bright and bold colors or muted neutral tones, too. Express your love of structure and simplicity with one of these rugs.

Woven Rugs at the Rug Store in Boca Raton

Flat, woven rugs can also make a statement while being comfortable under your feet too. Many people go for comfort and texture more than looks. Additionally, these rugs are much easier to clean than other traditional rug materials.

Feel free to browse our inventory of rugs for sale, and contact us at the Rug Store Boca Raton for any questions or concerns you may have about your floor coverings. If you’re looking for a refresh in your whole house or just want to finish off a single room’s design, there’s a fantastic design here just for you. Whatever style you’re into, also remember to stop by our Boca Raton Rug Dealer, Franco Oriental Rugs to find the perfect rugs for your home.


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