About Us

FRANCO ORIENTAL RUG COMPANY is a family-owned and operated retail and service business located in Boca Raton, FL. We pride ourselves in offering the finest quality Oriental carpets and rugs available at reasonable prices, as well as the traditional Oriental rug cleaning process available. Our collection of Persian rugs and Oriental carpets from around the world, feature a perfect blend of artistic presentation with a decorative function from well-known suppliers nationwide and around the world and more.

Oriental Rugs and Carpets Are Our Specialties and obviously, like a fine painting or beautiful piece of furniture, the characteristics of an Oriental rug are determined by the skill and intent of those who created it. An important link between the craftsman and you, the potential owner, is the dealer. Their ability and willingness to answer questions, the satisfaction they guarantee, and the reputation for quality and fairness they enjoy… Franco Oriental Rugs.

20 Years of Excellence
Selling the finest rugs, and providing quality service since 2001.
Proud to serve both English & Spanish speaking communities.
With over twenty years of experience in rugs & construction, we can guarantee quality.

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