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Most people don’t know how their valuable oriental rugs are cleaned. You shouldn’t let this keep you away from a healthy cleaning schedule, though. Rugs may need washing at different rates. Most rugs need cleaning once a year, although heavily used ones may be cleaned more often. However frequently you clean your rug, rest assured that your cleaning team will take extra care of your valuable floor covering. Here is more about the process.

Expertise Matters

Many people buy oriental rugs without knowing exactly how old they are. These rugs also tend to stay in the family or business for a long time. This means that cleaning teams have an extra responsibility to consider the age of the rug as they wash it.

Our experienced rug cleaning service at Franco Oriental Rugs in Boca Raton FL can work with the toughest rug stains. We are experts when it comes to treating old fibers, fragile rugs, and unique dyes. We will make sure that your rug retains its value throughout the process by using time-tested methods. These methods include using certain soaps and specialized brushes on a mechanical washer. We also carefully hang your rug to dry.

Careful Methods and Tools Preserve Your Rug

Franco Oriental Rugs is a proud provider of some of the best rug cleaning services in Boca Raton FL. Here is what our process entails:

  1. Great cleaners inspect the rug very thoroughly.
  2. They will attempt to determine the age and materials origin of the rug before washing. This helps them tailor the cleaning process for your rug.
  3. The automated washing system utilizes rotating brushes over the surface of the rug.
  4. The cleaning team applies soap directly to the rug after pre-treating spots. The washing equipment is industrial strength, but the brushes are gentle on the fiber of the rug. Our rug cleaning service in Boca Raton FL has seen many of these precious rugs. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the right soaps and brushing methods to make sure your rug stays gorgeous.
  5. Our rinse process includes thorough rinsing after a set of industrial rotating brushes removes grime and dirt from your rug.
  6. After the rinse, a revolving brush goes through your rug to maintain the pile direction.
  7. The best rug cleaning service in Boca Raton FL uses an oversize drum to get the remaining water and soap out of your rug. The 15-foot drum provides your rug with tons of room inside while the spin cycle runs.
  8. Your rug is brushed again to keep it looking beautiful with the original pile in place.
  9. Your rug is stored in a clean room to hang dry. It is inspected once more by an experienced team. Our team will then vacuum-pack it for safe transportation back to you.

Keeping Rugs Beautiful for Years to Come

Washing rugs using the best processes and tools protects these expensive rugs without risk of damage. Leaving your rug dirty will always do more damage than washing by an expert cleaner. Contact us at Franco Oriental Rugs today to find out more about our rug cleaning service in Boca Raton FL.

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